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Hey… is that you? Oh… look at you. You’re alive. Me, I’m not so sure. Could use your help. I know this looks bad. Hey, say something already… Say something, will you?!

…Oh no.

I loved the visuals and plot hook of Transistor ever since they first appeared, but the game play of it just doesn’t appeal to me and I wish so much that you could avoid all that and just get the story experience.

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My hoard of treasure is overflowing so it’s time to pass some onto a handful of worthy adventurers!

  • You can enter by reblogging and liking this post. Follows are not necessary (but always welcome!)
  • Entries are valid until October 5th, 2014
  • Six winners will be chosen at random and the prizes are shown above! Ill be giving away a set of Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum Coins! Ill also be throwing a set of Trade Bars and 3 of those groovy d20 tokens at some random adventurers!
  • Will ship internationally!
    *No shipping to Antarctica

If anyone is interested in picking up a set of these coins for your own be sure to check out Campaign Coins!

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Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur :)!

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No. 169 - “Fedora Enlightenment” 

The guys gets some unwanted advice on the art of women while at the bookstore. This is certainly a No Fedora/Brony Flex Zone indeed.

Ha! Wow! Run!

everything about this is good, even from the first line

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Bless whoever made this.

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